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  • Patrolman Finger Print Kit
    Patrolman Finger Print Kit
    This kit includes: black fingerprint powder, clear lifting tape, finger print cards and a powder brush all contained in a black case.

  • Fart Machine
    Fart Machine
    Boom box feature with 15 louder sounds! Works up to 100 ft. away. Machine requires 4 AA batteries which are not included. Remote does include batteries.

  • Fart Bomb
    Fart Bomb
    Squeeze the button in the bag, wait a few seconds and watch the crowd disperse.

  • Exploding golf Ball
    Exploding golf Ball
    Looks like a real golf ball, but when hit it explodes into a cloud of white powder

  • Phantom Golf Ball
    Phantom Golf Ball
    Looks like a real golf ball but when it is hit it vanishes into a watery mist.

  • Unputtable Golf Ball
    Unputtable Golf Ball
    Looks like a real golf ball but is weighted to one side. This golf ball rolls in a circle and will throw off a golfers short game.

  • Advanced Lockpicking Secrets
    Advanced Lockpicking Secrets
    ADVANCED LOCK PICKING SECRETS by Steven Hampton This advanced manual brings locksmithing into the electronic age, with schematic diagrams for portable electronic picks to open magnetic key and card locks plus templates for...

  • Acquiring New ID
    Acquiring New ID
    ACQUIRING NEW ID How to Easily Use the Latest Technology to Drop Out, Start Over, and Get On With Your Life by Ragnar Benson Forget about using the old "dead-baby's birth-certificate" ruse to get new ID. Everyone's on to...

  • Do It Yourself Medicine
    Do It Yourself Medicine
    DO-IT-YOURSELF MEDICINE How to Find and Use the Most Effective Antibiotics, Painkillers, Anesthetics, and Other Miracle Drugs . . . Without Costly Doctors' Prescriptions or Hospitals by Ragnar Benson Ragnar gives you...

  • Be a Big Time, Big Deal Private Eye
    Be a Big Time, Big Deal Private Eye
    . . . And Make Money at it in Today's Business World by Russ Bubas Very few jobs today offer the mystique, excitement and fun of being a private eye. Once a fixture of old movies and cheap detective novels, today's...

  • Stink Bombs
    Stink Bombs
    3 little glass vials that contain some really smelly stuff

  • Jetstreamer Golf Ball
    Jetstreamer Golf Ball
    For Golfers who laugh. Hit this ball and a streamer comes out

  • Pull Poppers
    Pull Poppers
    Pull the string and a loud pop is heard. Great for a tripwire to give someone a surprise.

  • Identity, Privacy and Personal Freedom
    Identity, Privacy and Personal Freedom
    IDENTITY, PRIVACY, AND PERSONAL FREEDOM Big Brother v. The New Resistance by Sheldon Charrett Sheldon Charrett, author of Modern Identity Changer, has had enough of power-mad government agencies that use identity documents...

  • Modern High Security Locks
    Modern High Security Locks
    Master locksmith Steven Hampton, author of the best selling Secrets of Lock Picking, takes the art of picking locks one step further with Modern High-Security Locks. Here, he collects some of today's most popular...