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  • Fox's 2 In 1 Alarm Door Knob Alarm
    Fox's 2 In 1 Alarm Door Knob Alarm
    Ordinary alarms don't notify until someone has already entered. This special 2 in 1 Alarm System sounds as soon as someone touches door knob. They won't know who heard it, they will only know they have been caught. Perfect...

  • Fox's Driveway Patrol
    Fox's Driveway Patrol
    Be safe and protected when in your house with the Fox's Driveway Patrol . This 2 piece device uses wireless technology and will alert you if a car or person passes by the transmitter. Simply place the transmitter near the...

  • Door Stop Alarm System
    Door Stop Alarm System
    Scare away intruders with the Door Stop Alarm System. The wedge shaped design is made to fit for hinged doors. When the door is opened it compresses the door stop triggering the 118 dB alarm siren. No need to wire your house...

  • iAlarm Motion Detector
    iAlarm Motion Detector
    iAlarm Motion Detector is a handy security device slips easily into a pocket or purse, but don't let its small size fool you. The micro technology used in this alarm provides features that are similar to ones found in alarms...

  • Personal/Door Alarm w/ Light
    Personal/Door Alarm w/ Light
    Keep yourself and your valuables safe with this Personal/Door Alarm with Light. You can carry it in a purse or pocket or attach it to your belt using the clip on the back of the alarm. In an emergency pulling the cord will...

  • Electronic Watch Dog
    Electronic Watch Dog
    Electronic Watch Dog plays a recording of a vicious German sheperd dog to anyone who approaches your home. It emits microwave signals so it can see through walls and detect someone approaching from up to 21 feet away...